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No matter what type of accommodation you have to rent, Classic Travel makes it easy and safe to earn money and reach travellers looking for a unique accommodation, just like yours. We are looking for accommodations in most locations and in all sizes.


With us, you have full control over your availability, prices, house rules and how you interact with guests. We will tailor your wishes and remember it's completely free of charge.

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It's completely free to advertise your property with us at Classic Travel. You choose your rent yourself and tell us exactly how much you want to earn. You can also add extras for eg final cleaning etc.


We handle all inquiries and bookings for you. Once the booking is confirmed we will send you all information. Simple, professional and smooth. We offer tools, tips on hospitality, customer service 24 hours a day.


It's free and easy to create an ad with us. Contact us via the form below and we will contact you - you can get started with your advertising right away!.


When the booking is made, we will send you the contact details of the tenant to you. You can choose to collect the entire rent upfront or just a partial payment and let the customer pay the rest on arrival.


Contact us for an unprecedented discussion. Whether you want to start right away
or in the future, you are always welcome to contact us. Being in good time always pays off!


Classic Travel was founded in 1994, the company is a wholly-owned, privately owned tour operator who rents furnished apartments and villas around the world. The company also arranges market-leading travel & combo trips to Asia, Africa, Europe and the United States. Classic Travel is one of Sweden's oldest tour operators and has made legal travel guarantee. We have offices in Europe, Asia and the United States.


Founded the company in 1994. Lived on a wide range of locations in the world, has over 25 years of experience of "luxury property management" in for exampel Paris, Marbella, Dubai, Thailand, Singapore, Los Angeles and New York. Served as a "cordinator" for a large number of festivals, congresses and events in Europe, Asia and the United States.


Have been working for Disney Cruises and lived in the United States, Bahamas and England. Is constantly on the move and visiting new and old business partners worldwide. Has extensive experience in the restaurant and event industry. Is a person with a service level beyond the usual.