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    Classic Travel was founded in 1994, the company is a privately owned tour operator who rents out furnished centrally located apartments in Paris, Rome, Costa del Sol, Amsterdam, London, Stockholm, Copenhagen, New York, Mauritius, South Africa and Asia from 1 night up to several years. Our customers range from private travelers to leading schools/universities and multinational companies. The company also arranges market-leading travel & tours to Asia and Africa. Classic Travel is one of Sweden’s oldest tour operators and has made legal travel guarantees – all for your safety. Classic Travel has offices in Sweden, France, Spain, Thailand and the United States. Our business idea is to arrange trips to destinations that we love ourselves. With us, you get the best possible service in a slightly more familiar manner. Classic Travel is growing steadily and we have both a Swedish and international sales department.



    We warmly welcome you to Classic Travel – the small tour operator with the big possibilities!


    With us at Classic Travel you will find furnished, affordable apartments in central Paris, Rome, New York and Los Angeles, as well as amazing trips to Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Burma, Bali, South Africa, Mauritius and Dubai! Classic Travel grows fast and with us, you’ll find trips and Travel options that you can not find with other organizers. We value being “unique” and “different”.


    Book a holiday trip through us – “different is good” :



    We have unique and affordable travel options to some of the world’s best and most exciting places. Our motto is “different is good” ! This means that we offer unique trips to the best places in the world. We do not think of the concept that the trip should be booked through different, rigid booking engines. To pack people together at predetermined places. We also do not believe that travelers want the same. Instead, we believe that travelers appreciate being unique, experiencing “different”. With us, you will find trips and travel arrangements that you can not find with other organizers. We have the experience and knowledge, Classic Travel is one of Sweden’s oldest tour operators – we celebrate our 23rd anniversary this year, our motto is and has always been “different is good” !

    • Affordable, convenient and practical!
    • The apartments have fully equipped kitchens.
    • More homely and personal than a hotel room.
    • Larger area, we have apartments for up to 10 people. We have everything from studios to large, luxurious apartments to villas.
    • The apartments are equipped with TV, DVD, stereo and often internet connection.
    • Vi Have guides on site who will be happy to help you with questions and concerns.
    • And not least, you feel like a “real” city slicker with your own fully-equipped apartment in the middle of town!


    We have a special department offering long-term rentals in Paris and New York. Perhaps you should study for one or more years or work or simply for a dream of staying away for a long time. For whatever reason, we have the apartment you are looking for. We have everything from small cheap studios to big paradise apartments. And best of all – the price! When other agents charge large booking fees, all our fees are included in the rent. No hidden “monster charges” here … Contact us for more information.



    Our rental departments in Paris, Rome, New York and Los Angeles are very successful. And we will continue to develop that part of the Company even more. In addition to expanding our regular range, a range of new destinations will soon appear.



    We are very proud to be rated as “Excellent!” on Tripadvisor by previous travelers.


    – Hello and welcome to us at Classic Travel! I started the company in 1994 in a small store at Karlaplan in Östermalm, Stockholm. Many of our regular customers will certainly remember the venue. The focus was from the beginning to offer trips to Thailand, something that was very “odd” and unusual at the time. Throughout my life, I have been working in the travel industry – as a travel agent for a number of market-leading tour operators, tour guide all over the world and as a steward for many major airlines. It was within these jobs that I had the privilege of visiting Thailand in the 80’s. Although the tourism industry was not particularly developed, it felt like a fantastic destination. The idea was born and Classic Travel was started! All this is now history. The small company has grown and today has offices in a number of countries. The trips to Thailand are of course left but many other destinations have been added. However, the “motto” of origin has remained – we will offer unique travel arrangements to unique travel destinations that we love!


    I have lived in a wide range of places in the world and about 16 years ago, the company was further developed. We started renting out furnished apartments. A great way to discover a big city. Waking up in their “own” apartment in the middle of Manhattan or central Paris is an unbeatable experience. Forget impersonal hotels, forget the feeling of being a “tourist” – this way you become a real “city slicker”.

    Classic Travel continues to evolve and we are more and more dedicated to specializing in renting out amazing apartments and houses in some of the world’s most beautiful and exciting places.



    Hope you enjoy our new website and that you will just find your dream trip!

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